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The SHHA will contribute funds that will award additional prize money to owners or exhibitors showing ponies at selected horse shows in member states.


The SHHA will contribute $1050 to each horse show to award additional prize money to the top 3 ponies whose owner, trainer and exhibitor are SHHA members. Amateurs and professionals are eligible to earn money. There is an annual fee to nominate the ponies to the program. It is $25.


There will be $150 awarded per championship class for Road Pony, Amateur Road Pony, Harness Pony, Hackney Pony, Jr. Exhibitor Road Pony, Road Pony Under Saddle, Pleasure Driving Pony and Pleasure Pony Under Saddle. If the show does not offer a championship class in that division then the money will be awarded in the class that is held ( for example Junior Exhibitor Road Ponies may show in an Amateur/Juvenile Championship) and if that happens then they would not receive additional money in the Championship.


Money will be divided in percentages among the first three eligible highest ribbon winners. If there are less than three eligible winners, the others showing will receive a larger split of the money.


                                              3 eligible      2 eligible     1 eligible

Highest Placing Pony                 $75              $100             $150

Second Highest Placing Pony    $50               $50

Third Highest Placing Pony        $25


The owner, trainer and exhibitor of the pony must be members of SHHA in good standing with their membership paid either before the date of the competition with the postmark or online playment date of the membership being what determines the date of eligibility. The owner, trainer and exhibitor must be a resident of one of our member states. No one will be allowed to join after the competition and receive money. If the owner and exhibitor are the same person, only one membership fee is to be paid.


The SHHA members will vote on which shows will be adding the incentive money.

The Treasurer of the SHHA will distribute prize money after the horse show. The Incentive Program Chairman and the Membership Chairman will verify eligibility and distribute winnings approximately four weeks after the show. The money will be paid to the owner of the pony.



Program Chairman will interact with horse show managers at selected shows to ensure that they will include SHHA membership forms in their prize lists. We will send promotional material to all potentially interested parties as well as put information on the web page.

Incentive Program Nomination Form

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