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High Point Rules

Only SHHA approved classes below are eligible for points

  • Hackney Pony: Open (Open, Junior, Novice, Limit), Amateur (Amateur, Ladies, Juvenile)

  • Harness: Open (Open, Junior, Novice, Limit), Amateur (Amateur, Ladies, Juvenile)

  • Roadster: Open (Open, Novice, Limit), Amateur (Amateur, Ladies), Juvenile, Under Saddle

  • Pleasure Driving: Amateur, Juvenile

  • Pleasure Pony Under Saddle: Juvenile 

  • Academy: Academy Driving with Hackney Pony


Note: Ponies and riders must be nominated and form received by the SHHA Awards Chairman before points begin to count. Click here to access the online nomination form. No points will be awarded unless riders and owners are SHHA Members. No memberships or nominations will be accepted by the show office at the shows, no exceptions. There is no fee for SHHA High Point Award nominations


All ponies must be owned and exhibited and trained by SHHA members. Ponies must be nominated and owners, exhibitors and trainers must be SHHA members before points start to count. Points count from the date of the nomination of your pony. 

When the Awards Chairman receives your nomination, he or she will reply to you verifying the information you have sent. Unless you receive this verification, do not assume that your pony has been nominated. Mail, email, telephone messages, etc. have a way of getting lost. If the specific class is not offered at a particular show, you may compete in any class in that division and it will count toward points, if the animal shown by its nominated class exhibitor. For example, if a juvenile class is not offered, you may compete in open or amateur classes and it will count toward juvenile points if the animal is shown by the nominated juvenile. 

Point System

The SHHA Championship Awards will be competed for on a points basis. A trophy and three ribbons will be awarded at the Annual Banquet. 

A Show 3 Days)

1st Place = 200 points

2nd Place = 160 points

3rd Place = 120 points

4th Place = 80 points

5th Place = 40 points

6th Place = 20 points

B Show (2 Days)

1st Place = 100 points

2nd Place = 80 points

3rd Place = 60 points

4th Place = 40 points

5th Place = 20 points

6th Place = 10 points

C Show (1 Day)

1st Place = 50 points

2nd Place = 40 points

3rd Place = 30 points

4th Place = 20 points

5th Place = 10 points

6th Place = 5 points

Please note, members are responsible for keeping their own records on the official SHHA High Point Awards Records Form. Use one form per pony, per class nominated. You can access the form by clicking here. All record points must be received by the Awards Chairman by December 15th. On the record form, use only the correct names of the shows as listed, or the points will not count. Also note that if a particular show does not send in its show results, there is no way of verifying points, therefore your points for that show will not count. Consequently, you should strongly encourage the shows in your area to send their results to the Awards Chairman. 

Although online High Point submissions is preferred. The printer friendly version below is available and should be mailed to: 

SEHA c/o Heather Boodey

P.O Box 833

Franklinton, NC 27525


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